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Interviews and Articles

BUCKiT podcast with Phil Keoghan, Nov. 14, 2018     Audio/Video
Norfolk Daily News, Sept. 14, 2018
     "Former Norfolkan running across the U.S. for his 50th birthday"     Article
UltraRunning Magazine, Oct. 4, 2017
   "Discovering New York's Ultra Scene"     Article
Gotta Run With Will, May 24, 2015     Video
ESPN Magazine, Aug. 19, 2013
   "Zoom" (photo feature)
Wall Street Journal, June 29-30, 2013
   "Around New York City in 100 Miles"
Runner's World, Nov. 16, 2012
   "NYC: An Unlikely Ultrarunning Hotspot"     Article
Runner's World, Oct. 2011
   "What it takes to..."
Marathon & Beyond, Sept./Oct. 2011
   "American 48-Hour Record Smashed"
Omaha World-Herald, June 7, 2011
   "Meet the owner of a very extended-play record"
Norfolk Daily News, May 26, 2011
   "McCarthy wins 48-hour race"
New York Daily News, May 25, 2011
   "Good for the long haul"
Manhattan Times, Aug. 3, 2010
   "Northern Manhattan's ultramarathoner"
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Written by Phil McCarthy

Marathon & Beyond, Sept./Oct. 2015

   "Running for Time"

Marathon & Beyond, July/Aug. 2015

   "How I Stopped Worrying About the Race (And Learned to Love the Run), Part II"

Marathon & Beyond, Nov./Dec. 2014

   "My Most Unforgettable Ultrarmarathon (And What I Learned From It)"

Marathon & Beyond, July/Aug. 2014

   "The Art of Ultrarunning"

UltraRunning Magazine, March 2011

   "Knickerbocker 60K"

Long Distance Voyager     Blog

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